Currently donating to . . .

. . . Jim Murray and family. Jim is the father of two of Aidan's good friends. He got incredibly sick on February 13th and ended up in the ICU barely hanging on. The medications used to save his life have unfortunately caused him to lose his hands from the wrist up, along with his toes. There is a long road ahead and no one is more up to the task than Jim. We just want to help ease some of the future financial burden. To read more, visit GoFundMe.

Where We'll Be Next


Sunday, April 23rd, 2023


25 Pinehurst Drive, Greenville, SC 29609

Unifying Mental Health

Saturday, May 20th, 2023


Unity Park, Greenville, SC

(Next to the iTrust Wellness Group tent)

Meet Aidan

Aidan is the owner and operator of Aidan-Aid. He is a young entrepreneur who is passionate about making a difference in his community.

About us

Aidan-Aid is a lemonade stand that was started by a young boy named Aidan to help the Dad of some of his best bike riding pals. The name of his stand is a throwback. When Aidan was a toddler and was learning to speak, he would ask for lemonade by saying, "aidan-ade?" His Dad remembered this and thought Aidan-ade would be a perfect name for his little philanthropic venture. We just changed the "ade" to "aid" to reflect the giving aspect. His mission is to support people in our community by donating all profits to local families and individuals in need. Who knows where this little idea will go from here. But it never hurts to have a logo and website just in case!

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